A veritable mine of history, culture and breathtaking landscapes

The beaches

The Riviera del Corallo in the north-west of Sardinia has incredible long beaches and hidden coves that will amaze you.
A short distance from the city is the lido Maria Pia, with white sand dunes, junipers shaped by the wind and maritime pines trees. The northernmost beaches – Le Bombarde, Lazzaretto, Mugoni, Porto Ferro – have wonderful natural frames. There are also very beautiful, less well-known and more isolated seaside resorts such as La Speranza on the way to Bosa.

The beaches Green Sporting Club Hotel

Historic Centre

Alghero is known as little Barceloneta. Surrounded by ancient walls, Alghero retains traces of Catalan domination not only in its architectural style but also in the language of its locals. The historic centre is surrounded by seven large towers and ancient walls which still stand at the edge of the sea and which date back to the Catalan-Aragonese conquests of the 16th century. This is a fascinating historic centre with narrow cobbled streets, craft shops, ancient churches and bustling alleys that are busy until late at night,

Historic Centre Green Sporting Club Hotel