Sports & Activities

Semi-Olympic swimming pool

The semi-Olympic swimming pool (25 x 10 m, depth from 0.90 m to 1.80 m) is open every day during the summer season from 09:00 am to 8:30 pm and it is possible to swim, take a relaxing dip or let the children play. Any scheduled courses can be attended by hotel guests free of charge. in the pool area you can use the sun loungers and the solarium areas.

From October to May the activity is totally devoted to sport, as it is the home of a dedicated association. It is always possible for hotel guests to attend courses or swim for free.

Semi-Olympic swimming pool Green Sporting Club Hotel

Fitness centre

The fitness centre has three rooms: a room of about 120 m² dedicated to free exercise or group courses. Guests of the hotel can access it freely, while from October to May it will be home to the activities of the sports club (rules and hours are the same as the swimming pool).
A 80m² room dedicated to machines, from treadmills to machines dedicated to all muscle areas – over 20 machines from both NAUTILUS and Technogym offer a complete course for muscle toning and development. The equipment is completed by barbells and weights for exercises.
And finally a third room dedicated to postural gymnastics and rehabilitation, also equipped with Technogym machines.

Fitness centre Green Sporting Club Hotel


Massage appointments can be upon booking We work with trusted freelance professionals

Massages Green Sporting Club Hotel